Our Team

Katie Branter

Katie Branter is a unicorn, a rare and beautiful creature who turns the world to magic by simply being in it. She is passionate and full of life with a heart bigger than sometimes her body can handle. She is a healer, a nurturer, a fierce protector of the vulnerable, including herself. Like a unicorn, her strength and resilience are only paralleled by her great gift for joy and love. She is the founder of a Village Well and the safe space it affords, the community where we can laugh and cry and learn from each other no matter what our age, is her gift to us.

Lina Branter

Lina is a beautiful, quiet and brilliant force to be reckoned with. She embodies resilience and endeavours others to do the same. She is a dedicated writer and storyteller and has an eye for detail like no other. She is quiet and fierce, knowledgeable and giving, as her daughters, family and friends would attest to. Lina has a strong desire to support women on all levels of their life journey making her an amazing co-founder and blog writer for A Village Well.

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