Become a Mentor

Stay-at-home or working mother, freelancer, career woman, farmer, grandmother. No matter your story, your life experience matters. Why not share it?

What is a mentor?

  • An active listener

  • A cheerleader

  • A safe space

  • A resource

  • An accountability tool

  • An idea/solutions generator

What qualities are we looking for in our mentors?

  • Good listener

  • Empathetic

  • Willingness to share your story, mistakes and all

  • Respect for young people

  • Flexibility

  • Solutions and opportunities finder


  • Join an amazing community of women

  • Witness how your experience contributes to the growth of young person

  • Fun!

  • Learn something new

  • Empower yourself by taking ownership of your own story

Become a mentor

  • (how you have been occupying your time, some notable life experiences you have gone through, what you are passionate about).
  • (eg. How to make a budget, How to meal plan, Laundry, Whatever life skill you feel you have mastered! It is all important!)
  • Why would you be interested in becoming a Mentor.


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