Where women from different generations will gather to inspire, connect and learn from each other.

At a Village Well, we are building a community of women to support each other through the challenges of life. We will be offering mentorship packages, online and live guidance through classes, conferences, workshops, storytelling socials and more.

Life skills


  •  to tune into YOUR inner Guidance System
  • to be Financially Savvy
  • to be Emotionally literate
  • to be FULLY you and be comfortable with who you are
  • to foster BIG HEALING in your mind, body, spirit
  • to consciously design a life that fosters JOY and ABUNDANCE

The Conference

our first annual Life Skills Conference where you can learn, connect and find support from incredible women in your community.

Storytelling Social

A chance to meet a community of amazing, empowered women, to listen and to share stories about yourself and those around you.

Life Studio

Our life studio workshops cover a range of topics and are designed to help you live your best life possible.


To create a multigenerational life skills mentorship program that will help all women:

connect to their inner guidance systems,
empower them to express their needs, and finally
to be unapologetically themselves.

This includes equipping all women with the following tools:

Financial literacy,
Nutritional literacy,
Emotional literacy and
How to apply design-thinking to the big decisions in their lives.

Become a Mentor

Mentors are the heart of the AVW community. Your story matters. Your experience and hard-won life lessons could be an invaluable support to a younger generation. Whether you were a stay-at-home mom, a busy career woman, an adventurous nomad, your story is precious. The best part is, that the more you share it, the more it gains in value. So spread the wealth and apply to be a mentor today.

Interested in becoming a mentor?

Become a Mentee

Feeling lost? Overwhelmed? Anxious about the future? Daunted by the prospect of adulthood? Motherhood? Career? Relationships? We all need some guidance at certain points in our life, no matter what age we are.

But you don’t need to take this journey alone. Become a mentee and experience the loving support and wealth of experience from women who have been through it.
If you want to become a mentee…


Would you like to contribute to A Village Well? If so, check out our different sponsorship opportunities. We offer three levels of sponsorship. Love, Big Love and Super Love. For more details, check out our sponsorship page!

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